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 General Automobile Training & Capacity Building

Auto Beauty Services offer variety of training ranging from Fleet Management, Empowerment Training, Product knowledge training, Driver Training and an array of Artisan services training such as Gas welding, Spot welding, Arch welding, Welding and fabrication, Steel fabrication


Fleet Management Training

Fleet Manager

Auto Beauty Services fleet and transport management training will empower you with complete understanding of fleet and transport management. Fleet management training includes many functions, including vehicle finance and maintenance, vehicle tracking and tracing, driver management as well as fuel and health and safety management.

Empowerment Training

Auto Mechanic Training

Auto Beauty Services run an automotive mechatronics empowerment training for auto technicians who wish to improve their skills on how to work on modern vehicles and young school leavers/graduates who wish to acquire employability/entrepreneurial skills across some specialist trades of the auto maintenance/repair industry.

Driving Training

Driving School

Our technicians who are equipped with the latest diagnostic testing tools will make sure everything is working fine. Checking in on performance issues is essential to the longevity of your car, especially if you spend time on the road daily or in traffic.

Product  Knowledge Training

Get the best out of your car

How well do you know about features, performance, and technology on your automobiles? Auto Beauty Services offer the best product knowledge training so you can enjoy your car and get the best value for your money.

Artisan Training


Auto Beauty Services provide the best artisan training in Gas welding, Spot welding, Arch welding, Welding and fabrication, Steel fabrication